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by retriok
Wed 14 Aug 2019 23:42
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Topic: New pad in Retrostone 2 without diagonal problems
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New pad in Retrostone 2 without diagonal problems

Pierre I saw in the ad video of retrostone 2 that you say that the problems of the diagonals with the pad are solved, I get the impression that the pad is the same in retrostone 1 and retrostone 2, so is there any way that the owners of retrostone 1 can we get that new pad and forget about the probl...
by retriok
Sun 26 May 2019 11:58
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Topic: PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT: TESTERS NEEDED! (was: UNIX sysadmin observations)
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Re: Some observations from a UNIX sysadmin

I am interested in your work, unfortunately my knowledge is not enough to be of help. why don't you ask for help in the forums of retroange pi and especially alexkidd? there you will surely find someone who can help you.