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Minecraft/ Terraria 8-bit

Posted: Fri 30 Aug 2019 07:17
by pushka
I love Minecraft,
I wonder if a 2d side scroll 8 bit procedurally generated open sandbox would be possible ~~ hmhmhmmhmhmh

Re: Minecraft/ Terraria 8-bit

Posted: Thu 12 Sep 2019 14:11
by Admin
Does terraria have a linux version? Sounds like retrostones are sufficiently powerfull to run it.
Even Minecraft too. It probably has a linxu version too.
Only question is how to map the buttons. It's probably possible.

Re: Minecraft/ Terraria 8-bit

Posted: Tue 28 Jan 2020 05:34
by pushka
I don't think actual minecraft/terraria would work - terraria uses a mouse to point to things,
minecraft uses a lot of resources, even if it looks low quality (it loads 100% dynamic and ready to expload every single block from bedrock to sky at all times, as far as you can see - it's not super optimised as is)

Processor: 1.6 Ghz
Memory: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: 200MB
Video Card: 128mb Video Memory, capable of Shader Model 1.1
DirectX®: 9.0c or Greater