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Where are you shiping from?

Posted: Mon 3 Sep 2018 17:47
by Jojse
I wonder from where are you shiping the Retrostone? I was thinking of taxes and other costs...


VAT in the UK

Posted: Mon 3 Sep 2018 20:58
by RetroJack
Anyone have to pay VAT on the retrostone?

Post office wants £29!

I thought I was buying this from inside the EU. Was that not the case?

Shipping from outside Europe?

Posted: Wed 5 Sep 2018 13:25
by Martin W
I ordered 22nd of June, then finally got a delivery message on the 11th of August. Via parcel tracking, it said on the 14th “notification received”, then on the 16th the second entry was “Shipment received in Madrid”, and on the 23rd “(Germany) arrival at border point in destination country”, then “handed to customs” since the 23rd, no news since then.

I feel really annoyed- it says that Pierre’s from “Paris, France”, but this is shipped from some non-european location?? Why wasn’t there any clear notification in the beginning? Just tried to find info about this, but no entry in the FAQ etc, maybe this fact was hidden in some disclaimer before submitting an order? ;) Now what’s next? Waiting that customs declares this as a copyright infringement/clone of a Gameboy, or in best case just charges some additional money?
Sorry, I’m just very disappointed at the moment and feel a bit cheated about this, as it would have been an important information while deciding whether to support this project or not.

Re: Shipping from outside Europe?

Posted: Wed 5 Sep 2018 17:09
by Admin
Hi there,
It was specified in the kickstarter page in the remarks :
RetroStones will ship from ShenZhen in China, to avoid any delivery problems we will declare full value of the products. Please note that there might be taxes applied by your country customs.
Also on the product page of the website it's also specified.

Sorry about this misunderstanding, as it's a small project logistic is a hell so in order to make it possible we simplified the logistic and ship everything from Shenzhen in China.

German customs tends to be very good at applying import duty, it depends much on the post services/country/luck...

In Germany usually they will contact you by the phone or by letter. Else you can try reaching out for them it will speed up the process.

Re: VAT in the UK

Posted: Thu 6 Sep 2018 09:59
by Admin
Sorry for the misunderstanding but indeed it was explained on kickstarter page and on product page of the website that we ship from Shenzhen in China.
Some custom fees might apply depending on your country and luck I guess.

Re: Shipping from outside Europe?

Posted: Sun 2 Dec 2018 19:39
by OctavioS
My retrostone is now in customs. The worst part is that DHL is asking for 30€ for customs handling and I will have to pay another 35€ for taxes. I'm seriously thinking on refusing the package. This is way too much.

EU warehouse

Posted: Tue 4 Dec 2018 16:01
by OctavioS
Perhaps it would be a great idea to start thinking on this subject. For instance my package went through customs via DHL and now I have to pay extra 70€ to have it. So 148€ for the item, 12€ postage and now 70€ for taxes and package handling through the customs process. 230€ is way too much and I'm planning to refuse it.

Re: EU warehouse

Posted: Tue 11 Dec 2018 15:35
by Admin
Sorry about this problem.. 70€ taxes seems over priced it's rather strange. It should be 20%, so about 30€...

This is the problem with DHL, they tend to apply the taxes and add extra fees for themself.

Yes I'm planning to have a Europe warehouse but it's difficult to organize as my volume are still very small.

Re: Shipping from outside Europe?

Posted: Mon 14 Jan 2019 11:21
by Kusuk
49€ for me, about 30€ taxes and the rest for dhl.