Retrostone OS Update

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Retrostone OS Update

Post by deerwings » Sun 8 Mar 2020 04:20

I know that the Retrostone 2 is the new Hotness, but is there any chance there might be an OS Update for the original Retrostone that gets it off Debian Jessie? I don't know enough about building an image from scratch, hopefully someone might be enterprising enough that one might be made? There's a new image for the Retrostone 2, but it doesn't work on the original Retrostone, sadly.

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Re: Retrostone OS Update

Post by Sakib » Mon 20 Apr 2020 10:37

I guess would be better if you ask this on retroorange pi .. But i guess very little chane ..

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Re: Retrostone OS Update

Post by OctavioS » Sat 25 Apr 2020 01:48

As far as I read there, there will be no update for retrostone 1, because RetrOrangePi 4.3 doesn't support analog display and nobody is planning to integrate this feature.

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