Upgrade possibilities.

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Upgrade possibilities.

Post by txcforever » Sat 8 Sep 2018 17:42

So I got the device two days ago and after a bit of tinkering, almost everything works amazingly (I still can't map Dreamcast and Amiga controls but they do work fine). Still I feel that some of the components could really use an upgrade. I get that even with the successful Kickstarter campaign it wouldn't be possible puttin high end components on it without breaking bank, but even though I appreciate the final product, I was wondering if it's possible to get some upgrades on it.

First, I wouldn't mind a better battery. The one on it is fine but I could go for a slightly bigger one (if it fits). But also one that can keep constant power on the device before running out. The existing one, seems to really struggle in powering the device during its last charging levels.

Second the D-Pad. For most games it's OK. But in others is almost useless. Especially in fighting games, you can barely play since trying half circle movements, it just never works. The issue here is the unpivoted Dpad which you can press in its entirety. Not that bad if you just want to go diagonally, but trying going in fast succession forward, diagonal, down to throw a special attack is almost impossible for me.

Third but not as important is the screen. I don't mind it in most games, heck in many of them the result is much better because of the low res/filtering, but I wouldn't say no to an HD screen.

Does anyone tell me if these changes are possible without any major changes? Even if 1 and 3 are too much of a hassle to bother, I would really like a better D-Pad or even modifying the existing one so it won't be able to be pressed in the center.

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