PSX saves location

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PSX saves location

Post by RescueGamer » Mon 17 Sep 2018 11:05

Hi all!

I'm enjoying my time with the RetroStone (for now I didn't encounter any real issues apart from the well known audio jack volume, which I'm going to fix it, and maybe the blurry screen or with not enough contrast for some dark games), but let's go to the point.

I want to continue playing my dino crisis saves from other portable on the retrostone, but I'm not able to find where the memory card and save states files are located to replace with mines. I already searched on the configs folder and on the roms folder, even started a new play to create a save state and a save on the memory card to see if the emulator creates any of those files in that folders, but no changes, the thing is that the state are being saved, so must be stored somewhere.

Anyone knows where should I look for?


EDIT: Never mind, I double checked the "roms/psx" folder and then I finally see the save states and memory card files, so topic solved :P

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