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Clearance between H3 and shoulder buttons board

Posted: Fri 4 Jan 2019 02:17
by Shadow__dio
I found a couple of Arcade 2D games that are not emulating at full speed (Martial masters, gals panic S2) and I thought that a slight bump to the H3 clocks might do the trick, so I disassembled my retrostone to find what kind of heatsink was used if any. Long story short I found an aluminum heatsink of 14x14x6 mm. What I was not able to determine was the maximum height between the H3 SoC and the back buttons board (which is directly above it). Does anybody has that information available? or what's the maximum size of heatsink we can use with this unit?

Re: Clearance between H3 and shoulder buttons board

Posted: Mon 7 Jan 2019 10:44
by Admin
The current heatsink is almost maximum height already.
Previously on first production the back button cable was soldered in the middle of the small PCB, and the solder was touching the heatsink so we had to put a small foam to insulate.
So you have ~1mm between current heat sink and back button PCB.

If you want to put a bigger heatsink I suggest using bigger in other dimensions than height. You should be able to put a wider/longer one to get more heat dissipation :)

Re: Clearance between H3 and shoulder buttons board

Posted: Fri 11 Jan 2019 03:20
by Shadow__dio
If anyone else is interested, I was able to measure the distance between the SoC and the back button's board to be 9mm. I switched the heat sink for an aluminum one (I had to cut it since it was 14mm tall) and I used noctua thermal paste on it and was able to reduce the temp from 71ºC to 52ºC benchmarking Quake2 @1.2GHz, I'm still checking how to overclock the CPU, I have already generated new bin files with new values from the Fex files in the boot folder, but for some reason the speed doesn't go up :).