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Static crackling noise

Posted: Mon 11 Feb 2019 18:45
by charlydelta
As I already mentioned in another thread, I noticed that my RetroStone makes this weird crackling sound (a bit like a Geiger counter), even if the (physical) volume is tuned down completely. It seems to originate from the speaker though.

I have the feeling that it gets worse the longer I play, but as soon as I turn off the console it is gone.

The crackling noise does not get louder or quieter if I tune the volume, it's just a constant static crackling...

Does anyone have a similar issue, or is there a known fix? I haven't found anything unfortunately. I got the red special edition one if it matters.

Thanks in advance

Re: Static crackling noise

Posted: Thu 14 Feb 2019 11:34
by Admin
I am not sure where this problem comes from.

Do you always had this issue or did it appeared recently?

Re: Static crackling noise

Posted: Fri 15 Feb 2019 20:44
by charlydelta
Hey, thanks for your response.

I am not sure, because it is rather quiet. For the first few days, I set up the RetroStone and tested a few things while listening to music etc. After I was happy with the settings, I started playing a bit before going to bed, and then you can clearly hear it.

It also gets significantly louder as soon as I plug in the charger, and the noise changes a bit when I quit a game (start + select).

I hope there is a simple fix for that.

Cheers and thanks again for your help

Re: Static crackling noise

Posted: Sat 23 Feb 2019 09:53
by Tomjames
Hey Pierre,
Same problem with mine since the begin, static noise in the speaker when I turn on the retrostone and continue until I turn off( with or without headphone connected).

If you have an idea ...

Re: Static crackling noise

Posted: Sat 23 Feb 2019 14:53
by Tomjames
I found a solution

Open the retrostone and put some adhesive at the back of the speaker (it make an isolation) now everything is ok!

Take care

Re: Static crackling noise

Posted: Sun 24 Feb 2019 13:11
by charlydelta
Thank you for the tip, I will try it

Re: Static crackling noise

Posted: Mon 25 Feb 2019 10:21
by Admin
Thanks for sharing the tip!
I will check if that can be added on future retrostones as well to avoid this issue.