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Other distros

Posted: Mon 22 Apr 2019 11:27
by albpara
I am trying to create a tailored unix distro for my retrostone, I am not that happy with the RetrOrangePi and I preffer to create one on my own probably using H3 version of Lakka or maybe configuring RetroPie from scratch.

After burning the .IMG, only the HDMI works and that is probably because I need an special driver to use the screen, am I right? Would be possible to get that driver or at least some insight about how to make that work?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Other distros

Posted: Tue 23 Apr 2019 11:06
by Admin
Currently for retrorangepi we use legacy kernel. The LCD settings are setup in the script.bin that you can read/modify with bin2fex tool then recompile it with fex2bin.

If your image use mainline kernel then it's different as mainline does not use script.bin but use device tree thing that I don't know very well.

Actually what you need is just to turn ON the composite signal. The LCD firmware is on the LCD chip hardware. So once composite is turned ON it will work out of the boxe without driver.

Re: Other distros

Posted: Thu 25 Apr 2019 15:02
by albpara
And there is there any guide to turn on the composite signal?

Re: Other distros

Posted: Sat 27 Apr 2019 16:41
by Admin
That need some digging depending on the kernel you'r using.
If it's legacy kernel I think you can use the script.bin file of retrorangepi image for retrostone directly.
if it's mainline kernel it needs more digging. I am no expert of linux so I won't be much help :/

Check on armbian forum. Here's one about it : ... e-working/

Re: Other distros

Posted: Sun 28 Apr 2019 12:09
by albpara
Hopefully this won't be so painfull for Retrostone 2

When I first discovered the Retrostone I thought that the OS support were going to be better that just relying on Retroorange Pi and legacy kernels... if you need something different like lakka, or configuring armbian from scratch, there is no official support for that

Thanks for the information!