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just advice

Post by ammocave » Mon 20 Jul 2020 10:31

Hi all, received and constructed my Raspiboy today, only had one issue while I was putting it together. I had a custom splash screen on my retropie install (which I'd prepared before the kit arrived) which runs an mp4 video at start up. Performance on my machine was incredibly slow and sound wasn't working properly, and I couldn't work out what was wrong, until I changed back to the default splash and voila! Everything was fine after that. So yeah, if I were you I wouldn't use any fancy custom splash screens as it seems to mess something up.

TL:DR Don't use custom video splash screens on the Raspiboy. :D :P

Otherwise the kit is fantastic, had the whole thing working in around an hour. Thanks Pierre! :!: :!:

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Re: just advice

Post by Sakib » Mon 3 Aug 2020 17:27

May be try with 3gp format splash screen :p

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