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Useful scripts for the Pi Zero W

Posted: Sun 17 Sep 2017 02:12
by Adrian_86
Hello Guys !

I have writen some custom scripts for the retropie menu to toggle the bluetooth and the Wifi module ON and OFF as you need it. There are two independent scripts... One is only for bluetooth and the other is just for the wifi module. I also included a third script for a safe shutdown in the retropie menu. So you don't have to press START,QUIT and SHUTDOWN SYSTEM in the emulationstaion menu any more. All scripts have icons and the gamelist.xml file for the retropiemenu is also updated to name them nicely and correct. Just follow my instructions below...

I know that you can edit the config.txt file to do this too, but this is for those who want to use the WiFi and bluetooth features of the pi Zero W only when needed. These scripts are for users who like it fast and convenient... So for example you can toogle with just a click the WiFi ON to update retropie and than toggle it immediately back OFF after you're done with the update. You also can do the same with bluetooth !

So here is how to do it:

1.) SSH into the pi via Putty and type the following command in:

sudo apt-get install rfkill ( This will install the Linux-Kernel subsystem that allows you to toggle the wireless connectivities of the W )
Here is a youtube video if you do not know on how to SSH into the pi:

2.) Next up you have to login via Winscp as root into the pi to get the permission to copy the files from my dropbox link over to your correct pi folders. Here is a youtube video on how to login as root via Winscp:

3.) After you have root acces via Winscp just copy the files from my dropbox to the correspoding folders of your pi. After you're done, just reboot your pi to make these new changes. After rebooting go to the Retropie menu and you will find new scripts with icons there. Just click on them to utilize..

So here is the link where you can download: ... GmN8a?dl=0

Hope you like it !

Re: Useful scripts for the Pi Zero W

Posted: Tue 21 Nov 2017 23:01
by thexter
These scripts are great!
I did not need root access for WINSCP to copy the files over.

If i update RetroPie, will it overwrite the gamelist.xml and remove the new toggles and shutdown?

Re: Useful scripts for the Pi Zero W

Posted: Wed 22 Nov 2017 15:16
by trantornator
Awesome! Thanks a lot.

Hopefully this will help with my overheating problems.

Re: Useful scripts for the Pi Zero W

Posted: Wed 29 Nov 2017 16:47
by Pietze
Awesome, I love it when the community contributes new features! Especially the safe shutdown short code is a good idea. I want to have it on my other retropie device as well.

Re: Useful scripts for the Pi Zero W

Posted: Wed 3 Jan 2018 04:22
by mwebber18
be careful. dont just copy the whole "opt" or "home" folder you will delete scripts if you replace it all. Then you have to manually redownload RetroPie-Setup and redownload EmulationStation scripts.

Re: Useful scripts for the Pi Zero W

Posted: Mon 15 Jan 2018 11:18
by Vilikt
Hello !

Really thank you for your work !!! This add a cool feature to keep battery's life :P

Re: Useful scripts for the Pi Zero W

Posted: Wed 21 Feb 2018 23:05
by Fantomas35
Are they for Rpi 3, too?

Re: Useful scripts for the Pi Zero W

Posted: Thu 11 Oct 2018 20:11
by Noggin
Great scripts, really useful.
With the new batch of Raspiboys being released into the wild, thought this could do with a bump!!

Re: Useful scripts for the Pi Zero W

Posted: Tue 16 Oct 2018 20:03
by DunnPenny
Hi...i have an issue that turns off my Raspberry Pi Zeros from 1 second to another.Activity LED is off, no HDMI signal, power on usb port. I am running them 24/7: this is why all my partitions are based on f2fs and my / partition is mounted readonly. When i am running a script my Zero's get turned off after a few downloads. The failure is absolutely reproducible.

pcb assembly

Re: Useful scripts for the Pi Zero W

Posted: Tue 23 Oct 2018 21:50
by lhimo
Awesome scripts!

I have an issue though with the Wifi toggle.. It does show up in the config menu, but with no icon. Same for the two on/off items inside. What can it be?


EDIT: turns out it was a problem with uppercase letters in picture filename and folder