Script for Raspiboy Fresh Install of Retropie 4.3

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Script for Raspiboy Fresh Install of Retropie 4.3

Post by Gaf » Sat 30 Sep 2017 22:40

Hi everybody.

I modified the mintypi script created by Wermy. Do a fresh install of retropie 4.3, then unzip the file into the boot folder. If you have a zero w modify wpa_supplicant.conf file and add you wifi info (I recommend using notepad ++). Doing this should automatically enable ssh and connect to your wifi. Using putty log on using the default account pi password raspberry and update. Copy your roms and other things before proceeding to run the script that I have modified. After running the script, samba will be uninstalled to speed up boot times you can transfer files using the usb method or using ftp or scp afterwards.

Included in the script and package...

The carbon theme will be modified with larger text. But I like to use the GBZ35 or GBZ-Dark from esthemes.

8bCraftLogo will be added to the splashscreen.

Options to turn on\off wifi\BT have been added to the Retropie sub menu. Some have reported longer battery life.

Samba will be uninstalled. Plus other things to speed up boot

SSH enabled

config.txt modified as per instructions from 8bcraft.

I recommend adding a few more things to the config.txt such as overclock and disable boot splash.

type in ssh

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

and add the following at the bottom of the file. If it freezes try upping the voltage by 1 at a time and I don't recommend going over 6 as it will void warranty. I am not sure how stable it will be running on battery power. Overclocking the cpu more without heatsink maybe unstable. I am currently testing cpu at 1025mhz.




This script has not been test as I bumped into it after I had manually configured my raspiboy. Please use at you own risk. Worse case the config.txt will need to manually be added or modified.

I also recommend you modify in notepadd ++ the cmdline.txt and change the number after tty from 1 to 3. This will remove all the boot up text.

Link to the zip file bellow... ... sp=sharing

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