Installing Commander Genius (all Keen games) for RaspiBoy

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Installing Commander Genius (all Keen games) for RaspiBoy

Post by rolle » Wed 17 Jan 2018 18:52

Commander Keen games can be installed and played through DOSBox, but it's a pain to get controllers working even with a decent .map file and if you do, you can't save beause it needs F5 button that RaspiBoy doesn't have (and hard to map).

With Commander Genius port you can enable save states and bunch of other useful features, on top of that it works smoother than with DOSBox.

To do this, you need couple of things.

1) Before compiling, make sure you have latest python installed, otherwise the installer will fail. SSH into your raspiboy and run

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sudo apt-get install libpython3.4-dev libpython3.4
. See this: ... -356392324

2) Edit file with

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sudo nano /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/scriptmodules/ports/
and add -DNOTYPESAVE=on to cmake line (if you are not sure, I hilighted it for you here: ...

This enables save slots so that you don't need keyboard to type save game name. Instead when selected with a button, it adds date and time automatically, so no need for keyboard.

3) Compile with retropie-setup, cgenius can be found under experimental packages. Compiling can take time, because Raspberry Pi Zero doesn't have enough juice. For me it took over 4 hours so I had to leave my laptop open and let it install overnight.

4) Pre-configure gameboard before starting Ports > Commander Genius. You will need to install Commander Genius on your PC or Mac from their site, run the game first time with keyboard, then connect your extra USB gamepad to your computer and map controls for keen1 menu for example. Full discussion with details can be read from here: ... issues/309

I have all 6 keens installed, working really fast on RaspiBoy :)

Have fun playing!

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