Power adaptor etc, voltage and aperture?

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Power adaptor etc, voltage and aperture?

Post by shamayimjosh » Fri 7 Sep 2018 13:37


Great to meet you all.

So, I need to know what power adaptor to get, and I cannot find this information on the website etc. I have an existing powerboard with an additional couple of USB ports, which would be ideal for charging, but, a new power adaptor would be useful for using it with my television. My existing powerboard has written "5V DC 4.2AMP MAX TOTAL", do I need to be concerned about the amperage? Would the official Raspberry Pi 3+ power adaptor, "5.1V @ 2.5Amps" be adequate, or is there a better alternative? Does more amperage mean, faster recharge times?

Any information to clarify what I need here would be absolutely great, and any additional information, or otherwise, general knowledge, would likewise be absolutely fantastic.


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Re: Power adaptor etc, voltage and aperture?

Post by Admin » Fri 7 Sep 2018 14:52

Amperage of a charger is the maximum current that a device can get from that charger. If you device need 0.5A and your charger is 2A it's OK.
If your device needs 2A and your charger is 0.5A max, then you will likely fry the charger, or it will just not work (if voltage drop)

So if you have a 5V 4.2A it will work.

Raspberry pi charger 2.5A is good too.

A higher maximum amp will not accelerate charge.

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