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General questions

Post by Neblodus » Sun 2 Feb 2020 06:18

I have already purchased a Retrostone 2 and just had a few questions. What is the difference between the Retrorangepi and Retropi? I know that there are differences I just have not seen anyone point out what they were.What is the biggest microSD card that I can use with it? I know that you can get really big microSD cards out there but I am not sure how much the Retrostone 2 can support. I know the Pro version came with an m.2 slot in it to put an m.2 drive in, is there a way I could put one in my regular version (and if so is there is there a way you would recommend doing so)? Just some questions that I was wondering as I was messing around with my Retrostone 2. Loving it so far!!!

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Re: General questions

Post by Admin » Mon 3 Feb 2020 11:48

Retrorangepi is a port of Retropie for Allwinner SoC. Whereas Retropie only runs on Raspberry pi (I think at least).
Then Retrorangepi developper made all sort of changes to optimize the experience on allwinner SoC. As some emulator may not run as well depending on the SoC.

Yes you can hand-solder the components for the SATA connector. Though this requires advanced soldering skills.
You need to solder the M.2 connector (I don't recall the exact model I'll check that) and also need to solder C7 C19 C20 and C28. Those are 10nF 0402 capacitor.
Soldering the connector and those small capacitor may prove difficult. I think hot-air soldering station is required, and you must be carefull not to heat too much or components on the bottom side may fall. With a solder iron it should be possible too if you have a small one and know how to use it on those kind of small pins. I am not sure I would be successful if I attempted this.

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