Broken Retrostone2 arrived

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Re: Broken Retrostone2 arrived

Post by StevenS757 » Wed 29 Jan 2020 23:37

Turns out it was the OS image I was using. I then reimaged my SD card using this image:

Now my RetroStone 2 is working as intended. Thanks for the help. Ticket closed.

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Re: Broken Retrostone2 arrived

Post by bvzs22 » Tue 4 Feb 2020 22:45

Same problem like screen always.
I made all what it's written on the instruction, but nothing at all.
There's something I could try? Like hard reset?

NEW on 05/02/20 : I tried again to format SD it works finally!
But my SD card it's in read-only it correct ?
I try to install roms from desktop mode with mouse and keyboard and it's ok, but I cannot put directly on the card because it's read-only mode.

Have you got some suggestion?
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Re: Broken Retrostone2 arrived

Post by Admin » Wed 5 Feb 2020 11:00

Have you tried make sure the SD is cleaned with diskpart tool? In case there are some partition issue.

If you boot while connected to HDMI can you see boot code on HDMI? If yes, but nothing appears on the screen, then it's likely a defect of the screen. In which case you need to contact us by ticket on

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