RetroPie SplashScreen - Super Punch-Out Inspired

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RetroPie SplashScreen - Super Punch-Out Inspired

Post by FranckKnight » Mon 23 Jan 2017 17:11

I was told to post this here because some people like these kinds of projects.

Mostly looking for some feedback or corrections I could bring it, then I can make it public.

It was a random idea I had for a SplashScreen after seeing a similar Zelda ALLTP one. I made it a bit more unique than simply changing the "Punch out" logo to RetroPie (which as a note was from a SplashScreen by Ryokai, that is found in the RetroPie repository). So instead of looking like a boxer getting ready, I made it into a gamer getting ready.

I'm no artist, so I had to use whatever knowledge I have of picture (and pixel) editing to try to make decent looking hands and objects. I think the results are not too bad overall, although the colors on the hands still bother me a little, I lack the experience to improve them much more (yet).

I was told on the RetroPie Reddit that the "RetroPie" logo could be made bigger. I'll take that one in consideration, I simply try to mimic the proportion of the game at best I could (although it doesn't quite fit, the game had more black space at the top, I should have adjusted).

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