It’s Here. However..............???

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It’s Here. However..............???

Post by Eyeball_36 » Fri 18 Jan 2019 16:51

So my Raspiboy arrived today and it’s all built up.

I had an issue with the sound being very low, but after entering the menu system for audio in Retropie configuration, and raising the bar to 100 it is now great.

A couple of questions though.

1. I kept getting a message on screen saying that sound perimeter was not set, but that now seems to have stopped.

2. My lightning button on the reverse of the device appears to do nothing? Is this normal as I thought it was to check the batteries charge remaining?

Zero W is working great, and WiFi is all configured, allowing for new themes to be installed. I’ve only found one so far where the writing is readable, but that’s good enough for me.

Oh and the Logitech K400r wireless keyboard that I own works great, just plug in the dongle and that’s it.

Adding my rom library and scraping will be the time consumer, but I’ll do that tomorrow.

My only gripe with the device is the finish from where the case is injection moulded, I’m a perfectionist so will file it a little and put a small plug in it to make it look like a no used headphone port.

Overall very happy, just need an anwser on the lightning symbol button and that will be me for now lol

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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