Looking for hints/tips for first build

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Looking for hints/tips for first build

Post by Maritime_Gamer » Wed 28 Mar 2018 14:52

Hey all, Mine is on its way! (just got the tracking number)

FYI, I'm what you would consider a journeyman tech geek. (I've built my own pcs, Raspberry Pi Media systems,Raspberry Pi Stratux units, done some light soldering)

and Im looking for hints and tips for the build.

-Is it better to setup retropie (loading roms, images, etc) before assembly or after?
-Any specific problems to watch for?
-I've seen mention that turning off the unit before shutting retropie down is bad. How bad?
-I've seen mention not to plug in external power when its on? (are we talking unit frying?)

I'm partially asking as I have a line of people wanting e to make these units for them based upon my experience with it, and I'm trying to determine whether this is a thing I will enjoy, (but will occasionally do maintenance on) or whether I could expect it to hold up in the hands of your everyday joe?

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Re: Looking for hints/tips for first build

Post by Admin » Sat 5 May 2018 21:56

All assembly tips are on the tutorial : https://www.8bcraft.com/assembly-tutorial/

- you can setup retropie before it's not a problem,

- if you use the ON/OFF switch without software shutdown it might corrupt the SD card. I don't know the odds of that happening, but when it does it means you loose all your data.

- It's ok to use external power while the unit is ON. It has been fixed on second version of PCB

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