Carry case options?

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Re: Carry case options?

Post by Sayko » Mon 17 Dec 2018 16:09

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Re: Carry case options?

Post by norgei » Mon 17 Dec 2018 18:02

Hi guys (yeah my first post)

I got mine, the same as KrookedNelson (LTGEM EVA Hard Case Carry Bag, the inside is clear gray, not dark gray, this is the only internal color case in France), this case is almost perfect :

- the only one large elastic strap is a little hard and tight strong, but at least the RetroStone is maintained very good. I prefer have only one large elastic strap than two thin eslastic strap
- the inside shape fit perfectly for the RetroStone
- the carry case is hard (EVA hull above and below), so this is a better protection than a flexible case
- the inside soft pads/buffers are very pleasant (dual layer, above and below), all the cary cases don't have these soft pads/buffers
- built-in accessories mesch pocket, I use it only to put a cloth on it
- the soft pads/buffers above layer has two locations for SD memory cards
- the price isn't very expansive for the quality (I bought mine for 11€ with free shipping cost, a little bit expansive than the US model, which cost 9$)

The only small defect in my case is I find that once closed, the two soft pads/buffers layers are thick, and I can't put a too big object in the mesch pocket (USB cable ...), that's why I put only a cloth on it.

I think most of carry cases for 2,5" HDD/SSD and Nintendo DS cases are adapted for the RetroStone, however, please check whether the internal dimensions correspond to the RetroStone.

I love this case, and I love my RetroStone Clear Red too of course :mrgreen: .

EDIT : I forgot to post some pictures of the case, my bad (sorry for the pictures quality, take quickly with my phone)

Image Image
RetroStone 1 Clear Red Edition running Supreme RetroStone

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