Thinking of grabbing a RetroStone during the sale

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Thinking of grabbing a RetroStone during the sale

Post by leathco » Tue 26 Mar 2019 16:38

So I snagged a Raspiboy a year or two back, but could only play it a week before I somehow broke the screen during an SD card upgrade. I never got around to ordering a replacement screen (need to do that at some point) but went to using a GPD Win for a while. However, I'm not a big fan of the Win, it has the power I need but Windows 10 isn't a great way to set up a handheld emulation system. I finally went with Retroarch alone, but wasn't happy with the front end options and performance (seems to be some lag on some games). Recently RetroMiMi released an OpenDingux handheld, and as an old A320 user I was kinda interested, than I saw the Raspiboy went on sale, and I REALLY like the Emulation Station frontend it uses, just wish it was powered by a Pi 3 instead of an OrangePi.

So, what are the differences in customizing EmulationStation on an OrangePi board instead of a Raspberry Pi? Can I do everything the same for downloading themes and icon packs, or are there major differences? Also, how is battery life on this thing, and can it handle larger SD cards (like 200 gig) easily?

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Re: Thinking of grabbing a RetroStone during the sale

Post by Sakib » Sat 6 Apr 2019 08:01

Honestly i dont have vast knowledge about themes and icon packs on orange pi, but definately software support is better on rasp till now.
And battery life is not bad and i tried till 128 gb card and that works fine..

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