Open Source VPU driver for Allwinner

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Open Source VPU driver for Allwinner

Post by deerwings » Sun 2 Jun 2019 21:01

Open Source VPU driver for Allwinner SOCS, including the H3. I wonder if this has been properly implemented or is the VPU driver used by OrangePi still the closed source blob? This seems to support Mpeg and H264 decoding which means that it could be possible Kodi might work better?

Just wanted to stick this here for thoughts! ... -decoding/

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Re: Open Source VPU driver for Allwinner

Post by gameblabla » Wed 5 Jun 2019 02:16

We cannot use the upstream linux kernel because upstream does not support composite output, which is what the Retrostone uses.
That also means there's no way of using the open source GPU drivers as well as Cedrus, which is responsible for hardware decoding of videos.

Retrostone 2 though... Well as soon as we get the screen to work with upstream then we can use upstream and its advantages.

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Re: Open Source VPU driver for Allwinner

Post by Admin » Thu 13 Jun 2019 11:28

We got a 640*480 LCD and we made it work on RetroStone2, it's working both on legacy and mainline now!

We still have some bugs to fix, we can't get emulation on HDMI when doing simultaneous output on LCD+HDMI.
Also few more things to debug before RetroStone2 releases!

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