Final impressions with Raspiboy Cannot use it anymore

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Final impressions with Raspiboy Cannot use it anymore

Post by Whoody » Sun 1 Sep 2019 17:44

Hello Everyone,

I really liked this handheld, but many issues make it Useless, at least, as a handheld console.

For long story short, I had an issue with the controller module, after many tests, I get the conclusion that it's defective, so, kindly, this people send me another one that I just recive.

I must say that I must be very, very lucky, I mounted the console perfectly at the fisrt attempt, and I had suspect that if I opened it, I never can to close it again. I was right.

The new module seems to work (the rp zero sees it), but cannot make the d-pad work propertly in any way. I tried different ribbons, different plastic d-pad and no one of them works. In some cases it's so hard to move than hurts the fingers, in other cases simply pushes all directions at once, but this is not the worse thing (However, make the console useless, like I said).

The L and R buttons, and this is what piss me off... There's no way to make them work, onestly, I don't know how I made it the first time, but once again, I tried many buttons and rubbers, and I managed to see the problem. It's bad designed or bad constructed. The buttons have a tip of plastic that must hit the rubber in order work, but in this buttons the tip is misplaced, so, soon or later, the rubber last getting into the button and take them always pressed, and it's inevitable, so, in every one of this consoles, it's going to happen soon or later. I said that this make me upset because is not a problem of an electronic failure, this can't be avoid, but, knowing this, it can be solved moving the tip 2 milimeters, for god shake!!!

That is driving me crazy, I unmounted and mounted again 1000 times since the new module comes, I'm not be able to mount the buttons well, so I quit, I only regret that cannot using this console after spend more than 100 euros hurts me, I know that this is a project, but expensive and not worhty, I'm so sorry.

I really hope that no one have this problem, but I'm afraight that it's inevitable so, please, to the people that design the case, fix that, you have many units sell to let this happen.

Thanks for the help and good bye. Good luck.

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Re: Final impressions with Raspiboy Cannot use it anymore

Post by Sakib » Thu 5 Dec 2019 13:47

Hi Please open a ticket on website about your problem.

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