Configure Input doesn't work

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Configure Input doesn't work

Post by Beginner » Sun 3 May 2020 18:23

Hi all
I received my new Retrostone 2 and i'm vey happy about it.
After a while i wanted to play some n64 games, like Zelda Ocarina of time. Unfortunately i can't play it very good. I cant use all of the "Right Analog" Buttons (the yellow one from the controller). I tried to assign them with the options "configure Input" in the menu of the Retrorangepi. But somehow it never saves my changing and the buttons are always the same in the game. Do you know what i could do against it?

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Re: Configure Input doesn't work

Post by Admin » Mon 4 May 2020 13:50

Hi there,
Glad to hear you enjoying it! If you can let a small review here :
It helps building the trust around the project.

About your issue with N64 controls, I am not sure how the N64 emulator control settings works on retrorangepi. Best would be to ask on retrorangepi forum about it :

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