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by jdeacon
Wed 2 Jan 2019 00:50
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Topic: How to play Amstrad CPC?
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How to play Amstrad CPC?

Hi, Im from Spain, Id like to know how can I play to the CPC games, because the game charge without problem but when I have to choose with keyboard I don't have any virtual keyboard to choose. Im doing anything wrong Im sure. I think that the virtual keyboard is necessary for this 8bits computers li...
by jdeacon
Tue 1 Jan 2019 18:09
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Topic: **Update** Supreme Retrostone v1.3
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Re: **Update** Supreme Retrostone v1.3

Hi, Im newbie with the retro stone, I have the supreme retro stone v 1.3. I have any doubt about any machines, for example if I try to play to a CPC rom who need a keyboard to select level or joystick or keyboard I can't play to this game because I don't have any virtual keyboard to select. Is it po...