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by 7thking
Mon 22 Feb 2021 08:39
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Topic: Game Boy Classic emulation (newbie)
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Re: Game Boy Classic emulation (newbie)

Yes, it is possible to do all the things you have just mentioned.
retroarch customisations will help you do all these.
by 7thking
Sun 21 Feb 2021 17:26
Forum: Support & trouble shooting
Topic: SDL2 Gamepad UUID?
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Re: SDL2 Gamepad UUID?

Pico8 runs perfectly on retrostone 2 out of the box using the raspberrypi version.

Check this:

However, I am having trouble making pico8 work on the retrostone 1.
I am able to boot into the system, but the gamepad doesn't work!
by 7thking
Sun 21 Feb 2021 17:23
Forum: Tutorials
Topic: How to install PICO-8
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Re: How to install PICO-8

This was really helpful for retrostone2.

Any idea how to get pico 8 working on retrostone 1?

Using pico8_dyn, I am able to get into the system, but then the gamepad doesn't work and I have to force restart the system.