Dpad, button on back and screen issues

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Dpad, button on back and screen issues

Post by DsaintD » Sat 20 Oct 2018 21:18

Hey all

Does anyone have a fix (physical or digital fix, either is fine) for an extremely under sensitive dpad? I have to press buttons down very hard to the point of nearly hurting my thumb for a button press to register. The actual abxy buttons are perfect, just the dpad. I have taken the raspiboy apart and back together several times and everything is in it's place, I have noticed that the tightness of the back screws affects the sensitivity a tiny bit but not really enough

The button with the lightning bolt at the back beside the power switch....what does it actually do? I'm pretty sure I read on the Kickstarter page that it was able to show you battery level but it does nothing. When charging the 1st and 2nd lights are lit but the other 2 don't show ever.

And lastly, text is nearly impossible to read in emulationstation, different themes don't change anything when you press start or select on the home screen for example. Anybody found a way to make all text a bit more legible?

Cheers in advance

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