Problems after 2 extra frontal buttons mod [SOLVED]

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Problems after 2 extra frontal buttons mod [SOLVED]

Post by qu1que » Sun 10 May 2020 15:00


I have my Retrostone1 (backed on kickstarter) and now I have RS2 too (it was a gift, not buyed by me).

Last night I've made the 2 extra frontal buttons mod, no problem with that, I've followed tutorial on youtube to know how to open the case carefully (

On RS1 I had made the same mod last year, and working all as I expected:

- Made holes
- Add buttons + rubbers pads
- Remap on EmulationStation and all working fine.

On RS2, does not work third point, remapping on ES does not work, it no detects pulsations. So, as I have basic electronic knowledges, I decided to open again the case, extract buttons and rubber pads, and try to make continuity on the pcb contacts with a pair of metal clamps, and start again the remap process. Does not work neither.

So, I look at the RetrOrangePi folder of the RS2 image to search for any file with information about the RS2 controllers. And here's what I found:


And inside that file, I've found this:

Code: Select all

events = ([
#		uinput.BTN_C,
#		uinput.BTN_Z,
#		uinput.BTN_THUMBL,
#		uinput.BTN_THUMBR,
		uinput.ABS_X + (0,VREF,0,0),
		uinput.ABS_Y + (0,VREF,0,0),
The Buttons C and Z are commented, I delete the # symbol and restart ES. Then I start again the remap process and now the 2 extra buttons are working like a charm.

Hope it helps!

Regards, Quique.

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Re: Problems after 2 extra frontal buttons mod [SOLVED]

Post by DarkFire89 » Wed 20 May 2020 21:17


I'm new in the forum and also very new in the whole Retropi/Retrorangepi story. So please excuse me if I'm in the wrong thread here or if I can't say much about the setups and other things.

Now to my problem...

I got myself the RetroStone 2 including joystick and wanted to play all kinds of retro games. For example Banjoo Kazooie on the N64. So I got the ROM, put it on the RetroStone 2 and off we go.

And now the problems started. To play the game, you need the C-buttons (the same way you need them to play Zelda on N64).

So I searched all forums, watched videos and searched in the settings to reassign the buttons. But unfortunately without success.

Then I found this post and modified the case to place two extra buttons. I also found and modified the file where I have to remove the # in front of the C and Z buttons. Then I restarted the emulator and reassigned the buttons. Until then everything is fine.

But now the key assignments of all other systems are completely changed! In the GBA games for example, Up is now left and Down is right. The buttons that used to be A and B are somewhere else and so on.

That the two extra buttons that added C buttons in the N64 games didn't work either.

I then deleted the SD card completely and reinstalled Retrorangepi to restore the factory settings.

My question is now:
Is there any way to keep the two extra buttons and that the button layout of the other systems doesn't change?

Or is there a way that I can ONLY change the key mapping of the N64 controller so that I can eventually change the control pad as C-Buttons? I don't like to connect an N64 controller to the RetroStone 2.

I hope my explanation and my problem is understandable.
And please excuse me if this is the wrong way to describe my problem.

I would be glad if this can be solved ;-)

Regards, DarkFire89

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