WiFi + Charging

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WiFi + Charging

Post by Reisinger1 » Fri 26 Jun 2020 16:43

I have questions about the Retrostone 2 Pro:
WHERE do I have to enter the WiFi data (on the screenshot)? So Name+Password? So that he logs in to my WiFi?
And can I just plug in a mouse? Or do you have to set something there beforehand?
And is it normal for the device sometime to hum slightly when it is connected to the charger?
I have currently connected it to the iPhone charging cable.
Can someone recommend a charger (e.g. from Amazon?)?

Many thanks, Juergen
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Re: WiFi + Charging

Post by Sakib » Mon 3 Aug 2020 17:29

Select Enable From Retropie - Retrorangepi - Wifi Submenu
Then You Select Connect, Then Activate A Connection
Available Access Point Should Appear Listed

Now choose the SSID from that list and type password (Connect a keyboard)

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