unit powers on when connected to charge cord

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unit powers on when connected to charge cord

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My first Retrostone 2 handheld had a few issues and I opened a ticket with 8BCraft and they sent me a replacement. One of the issues that I reported is still happening on the newer unit: anytime I plug the unit in to charge the battery, it powers on. I don't want to have it sitting there potentially "burning up" the screen, so I need to enter the UI and do a graceful shutdown everytime I plug it in.

Is this a known issue that has been fixed? Is there a (hopefully simple) hardware mod I can make to keep this from happening?

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Re: unit powers on when connected to charge cord

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Hi Rick,
This is unfortunately the default behaviour of the A20 SoC. It's actually behaving like smartphones.
I discussed with Allwinner to see if there's a way to deactivate it, but they reported that it can't be done.

I haven't find an easy way to change that behaviour.

By the way you can use the power button to poweroff (it does a soft-shutdown as if you would by the UI)

I can't think of any easy hardware hack to change that neither.
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