pcb raspiboy

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pcb raspiboy

Post by bouboulover23 » Mon 19 Apr 2021 22:07

Hello jr would like to use the raspiboy pcb in the assembly of a mini terminal just to recycle the matas is it possible to put a larger 7-inch lcd in it, thank you in advance.

Bonjour jr souhaite utiliser le pcb du Raspiboy dans le montage d'une mini borne histoire de recycler le matas est t'il possible d'y mettre un lcd plus grand genre 7 pouces merci d'avance .

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Re: pcb raspiboy

Post by Admin » Thu 6 May 2021 12:25

The composite to RGB converter chip (AMT630A) needs a firmware which is specific to the LCD. Also the connector pinout depends on the LCD. And the hardware clock trace may need special component depending on the LCD. So it's really really hard to use another LCD

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