Bad Day

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Bad Day

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I had this idea for a game since elementary school. You basically are a small character that starts in the middle of the suburbs picture an overhead view of a small neighborhood with 50 or so houses neatly organized as any normal neighborhood in the suburbs would be and the only thing you do is walk around and go into each house, shed, tree house, garage, etc etc and find different weapons and weapon customizations and you must find and kill every single person on each map. families having dinner, kids in tree houses, people playing in driveways, etc etc... just walk around and raid houses and kill each individual. when you kill each person on each map the complexity and size of the map increases with each level. also people start reacting and try to defend themselves trying to kill you. yo stumble into larger and larger areas including city blocks, then cities, high rises, stadiums, cruise ships, everything. at the every end of the game you find out you have been killings and destroying every life form because you are trying to kill all the aliens who have taken over every person in the game and you are the last man on earth. (that or as another twist, it could be that you are the alien and you have been tasked by your overlords to remove the native species to make way for the first colony ships.

I initially envisioned this as a gameboy game where it has a similar perspective to the original grand theft auto games, but when you walk into a building the map reloads just like it would with the original Zelda games so you can roam in each building just like you would in link to the past or many other similar titles.

A much more advanced vision of the game would be a game that looks and feels similar to hitman (especially the mission where he is in the suburbs and has to eliminate some target in is suburban house.) but much, much larger.

there would be secret areas and secret weapons and all types of upgrades and ammos to find and try.

i have a logo i made in 2nd grade that's pretty sweet, and i have level maps drawn out with level progression and weapon types and locations ion each map along with location of each "person" on the map. the original idea was helped along by games like turok and GTA. then later i discovered hitman series and my idea was really similar to what the hitman developers made in such levels like suburbs and then later the "street" level where there were people walking around and in large crowds.

obviously as each person is killed or weapons are loud you have people scrambling and running away and you'd have a certain percentage of people with firearms just like the general public which try and defend themselves. so you can kill with large fast firing weapons and chase people down, or try and do it more stealthily and minimize panic or people trying to kill you by defending themselves.

the draw of the game is similar to the mayhem that GTA elicits, but its supposed to be a surprise that you are doing all this killing and mayhem for a legitimate (made up of course) reason.

any feedback appreciated...
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Re: Bad Day

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Great Idea ... Let me know when released ... :D
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