How to reinstall a raspiboy today?

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How to reinstall a raspiboy today?

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I know I'm digging up a very old subject, but I decided when I came across my raspiboy to turn it on again and bring it back to life.
At the time I had some concerns on the latter at the audio level and I had abandoned it. So I thought that actively looking for the cause of this problem would be a good idea.
But while handling my micro SD card I broke it and today I have to start from scratch.
But the problem is that from our retropie day to evolved and arrived at version 4.8, unfortunately this version knows many modifications and by following the initial installation tutorial duraspiboy I see myself from the beginning (for the modification of the configuration file theme) that this is no longer up to date.

Would it be possible to have a link to version 4.2 of raspiboyo be an updated tutorial in order to be able to enjoy my raspiboy again.
This would be very useful to me and above all very appreciable because I imagine that I am not the only one who still needs to install this machine again today.

Thanks in advance.
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