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Posted: Tue 21 May 2019 05:26
by Chris462
I own the original disks of FFVII and Resident Evil 2 for the original PlayStation. So I downloaded roms of each. I loaded Resident Evil 2 no problems at all, but every time I try to load FFVII it does not show up on my RetroStone. I’ve tried 3 different roms. I keep seeing things about iso’s. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some settings I have to tweak? I love my RetroStone but still kind of a noob.


Posted: Tue 28 May 2019 19:32
by Sakib
I dont have any idea about this game.

May be check on youtube if you get something like your topic...


Posted: Thu 30 May 2019 15:23
by zxdunny
What format are your FFVII images in? Usually you'll want ISO or PBP format.


Posted: Tue 11 Jun 2019 18:53
by Chris462
Finally got it to work. Thanks for the help!