Soft X Button after assembled

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Soft X Button after assembled

Post by SSEpochX » Thu 1 Feb 2018 01:14

I just finished putting together my 8bcraft, and I noticed that the X button is a little soft, as in not as clicky as the other 3 buttons. It still works however it feels different.

I have take it apart several times, and made sure no wires are in the way and the silicon pad is positioned correctly. I did notice that the x button is only half way over the PCB controller board, while the other buttons are covered by the entire board.

I may just be OCD since it works, its just not as satisfying of a click. Does anyone else experience this on their units or know of a possible fix?

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Re: Soft X Button after assembled

Post by Admin » Sun 11 Feb 2018 21:52

You can cut the upper corner of the gamepad PCB (close to X button) with scisors if it does not feel right (4-5mm of the top corner is enought). So you can move the PCB a bit higher.
I just tried it and it's easy to cut.
Sorry about this problem, on most board it's not a problem but on few it does not feel right.

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Re: Soft X Button after assembled

Post by warlin » Thu 8 Nov 2018 03:06

I also have the problem with the soft x button. I don't really want to cut the board since I don't understand how this will actually work. Won't the three alignment pins for the PCB stop you from moving the board up?

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