Loud buzzing from speaker

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Loud buzzing from speaker

Post by dr_bunsen » Wed 7 Nov 2018 05:54

@pierre Recently my Retrostone has been intermittently emitting loud buzzing and screeching from the speaker after switching off. Switching on again and then shutting down stops it for that occasion. Also, the screen occasionally goes white all over (no blue lines at the top) then the picture will come back. Seems like it’s developing some hardware problems. What’s the return process?

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Re: Loud buzzing from speaker

Post by Admin » Wed 14 Nov 2018 17:23

See my pm.

If you have a loud screeching noise when unit is off, it means the on:off switch do not go to off correctly.

There can be 2 reasons for it :
- dust in the connector : try blowing in it.
- the connector might have twisted a little bit : it can be solved by opening the case, twisting it back in position.

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